In one to one counselling clients are provided a safe and confidential space in which to discuss areas of their lives that are causing them concern.

The therapist helps and supports the client as he/she identifies what changes need to take place to enable them enjoy a more authentic and happy life.

Counselling helps clients to improve their communication skills, develop self esteem, change self limiting thoughts and behaviours and manage their emotions in a safe and healthy way.

Counselling is non judgmental.  Clients work at their own pace and in time gain a different perspective on their lives and develop the necessary skills to maintain balance and live a life in which they can be more true to themselves.

This service is available in Killarney and Listowel. Please select from the drop-down menu which location you would like and choose a suitable time and date.

*Clients will need to complete an Intake Form prior to the first counselling session going ahead. This will be provided on our first initial contact.