At Claire Forde Therapies clients are offered a safe and confidential space where they can explore and identify areas in their life that need to be addressed in order to facilitate positive change.

I abide by the APCP & IACP Code of Ethics ensuring clients are made to feel safe in the knowledge that specific guidelines in relation to counselling & psychotherapy are adhered to. As a Person Centered Counsellor I offer clients Empathy, Congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard.

In addition to APCP & IACP Code of Ethics, Clare Forde Therapies also follow the Belmont Principles to ensure Clients needs are addressed and respected at all times.

These are; Beneficence (doing good by the client), Non-Maleficence (not doing any harm), Justice and Client Autonomy (respecting the client’s right to choose how to live their lives).

My qualifications in Counselling & Psychotherapy include;

BA Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy
Certificate in Shamanic Healing
Certificate in Rahanni Celestial Healing


One to One Counselling
Online & Telephone Counselling
Couples Counselling
Shamanic Healing
Rahanni Celestial Healing

Get in Touch

Please use the contact form below if you have certain requirements. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange what best suits your needs.

While I specialise in the area of Bereavement, Grief & Loss,  I continue to assist clients with various other issues including;

Stress & Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence, Problems in the work place including bullying, Depression, Post Natal Depression, Spirituality, Anger Management, Relationship Problems, both one to one & couples counselling.

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Work Locations

Killarney and Listowel

Online, video and telephone counselling

Hours Vary
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