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Hello and welcome to my Website.  I would like to introduce myself and share a little of my story with you.

My name is Claire and I am an Accredited Counsellor and Certified Energy Healer. I hold a BA Hons. in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Other qualifications include a Diploma Certificate in Couples and Family Therapy,

Certificate in Shamanic Healing and

Certificate in Rahanni Celestial Healing.

All of my life I have loved to help people.  Having spent almost 30 years in Retail Banking, I finally realized my dream of becoming a Counsellor and this also opened up the doors that led to becoming a Certified Shamanic and Rahanni Practitioner.

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My journey has not always been easy.  Whilst still working in Retail Banking my youngest child, my daughter Marguerite, died suddenly and tragically in November, 2004.

My world was shattered and I got a very rapid introduction into the world of Grief & Loss.  Thanks to my GP and an excellent Bereavement  Counsellor, I gradually came out of the fog and began to live again, rather than exist.

I spent almost 3 years in counselling before feeling ready to continue on my own.  It was also at this time I began to think about how wonderful it would be to help others, especially parents, to cope with their grief journeys.

It is true that what you send out to the Universe you get back and that certainly was the case for me.  Three months after I finished therapy, I enrolled in a Course in Counselling.

In 2013 I said good bye to Retail Banking and continued with my Education, graduating with a Level 8 Hons Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy, specializing in Grief & Loss.


Whilst studying for my Degree I became interested in Shamanic Healing after watching a program on TV one night.  It was a couple who had lost their young 5 year old son to cancer and they spoke about the comfort and support they received from a Shaman as their son was dying.

I was intrigued by their story and began to research Shamanic Healing in Ireland.  At the time I lived in North Clare and was delighted to see that there was a Shaman living near Galway.

After studying his Website Pathway Teaching,  I eventually went to visit him and there was just no going back after that.  He also held regular Fire Ceremonies near him home in Oranmore and these coincided with lunar and solstice periods during the year.  I simply loved going to them.

I decided to train with Paul in Pathway Teaching and also with his wife Melanie who teaches Rahanni Celestial Healing.

It has been the most beautiful of journeys to follow their teachings and walk the Beauty Way.

The Shamanic Healing I received from Paul brought me immense comfort in relation to losing Marguerite.  It was a holistic follow up to the wonderful counselling I had.  I have felt great peace since embarking on this different but amazing journey.

It has become my Mission to help and support the Bereaved and also people grieving from different types of Loss.

As I studied the Bereavement Module while studying Shamanic Healing, I realised that generally most people do not fully understand what Grief actually is and the importance of giving ourselves permission to go there. Grief follows Loss. We grieve because we have loved, and we must grieve in order to heal. 

There are so many Myths that need to be dispelled, and so many areas of the grief journey that need to be acknowledged and understood.  Having the knowledge does not necessarily lessen our pain, but it does help to reduce the anxiety we encounter in those early weeks and months.

 In situations where grief is chronic or complicated, people can sometimes feel like they are going mad.  Understanding the grief process can help them see that they are not mad at all, only grieving.

It also helps if family and friends and work colleagues understand about grief.

My Grief Workshops help people to understand Grief and how to process it or help others as they try to process it.  I also facilitate Retreats and Workshops.  These are for longer periods and include guided meditations, art work, and if possible a Fire Ceremony.


Children’s grief needs to be acknowledged and they very much need to be given the space to acknowledge their pain and loss.

World grief expert and author on Grief, David Kessler, has referred to them as sometimes “ the forgotten grievers”.

Children’s grief is different to Adults.  It is important to be there for them or provide them with professional support if necessary.  I am a member of the Irish Childrens Bereavement Network (ICBN) who provide a lot of information and support in relation to Children’s Grief.


Until recently, an area of Grief which has been very much overlooked is Pet Grief.

Pets can and do play a huge part in our lives.  They are company, their love is unconditional, they give a purpose to our day .

When a pet dies it can leave a huge empty space in our heart and our home.  They might have been a huge link to a loved one who has died and therefore the old grief may resurface for a little more healing.

The Irish Hospice Foundation have a very helpful Brochure on Pet Grief.

Many of my clients have found great comfort in being afforded a safe and confidential space to talk about the loss of a furry or feathered friend


The Daisy Logo on my website is to honour the memory of my daughter Marguerite.

The proper name for the smaller daisy flower is Marguerite and I believe she guides me each day of my life in all that I do.

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While I specialise in the area of Bereavement, Grief & Loss,  I continue to assist clients with various other issues including;

Stress & Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence, Problems in the work place including bullying, Depression, Post Natal Depression, Spirituality, Anger Management, Relationship Problems, both one to one & couples counselling.

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